Blue Dragonfly Cut Flower Farm LLC is a family owned business. We grow specialty cut flowers from April to October. We have a Flower Wagon by the driveway where bouquets are sold during the week. Bouquets are not available everyday so we stay in touch with our customers though our Facebook Business Page, where we post when bouquets are available. The Flower Wagon is operated on the Honor System. There is a cash box to drop payments in by the Flower Wagon. We also take Paypal payments. You can contact us and we will send you a QR code via email or text where you can prepay for flowers and pickup later. Orders can be called or text to 919-389-9057.


Flower Wagon Destroyed February, 2020

 May 10, 2020

Flower Wagon Destroyed February, 2020

The picture above to the left top was Blue Dragonfly Cut Flower Farm's Flower Wagon which we used for years to sell our seasonal bouquets.  February the 24th of 2020 someone ran off the road and plowed into our beautiful Flower Wagon and left it in many pieces as the above picture to the right shows.   When we started to sell flowers from the farm we knew we needed something to stand out and something we could display and sell our bouquets.  We discussed an old farm wagon and it seemed to be what Mickey and I both felt would represent our flower farm best.  So we began to look for an old wagon and finally found one which was actually just the frame and wheels.  It was in rough condition but Mickey began to work on it.  He built the body over the frame, repaired some damaged areas on the wheels and painted it.  I kept thinking about a roof for it.  I felt the roof would add character.  A local carpenter we knew designed the peddler's roof and built it on the wagon.  It was finished and I was happy with the results.  So we placed it at the front of the farm next to the road and begin to put flowers on it for sale.  Wasn't long before people in the community began to come on weekends and purchase flowers from the old Peddler's wagon.  After the cart was destroyed that night we begin to hear from customers telling us how sorry they were about the cart and others would send messages telling us how much they missed it. We missed it too.  It had become part of our farm.  So now the search began for another wagon.  We finally found one that is a little different than the old one but still has a lot of character and are in the process of having a roof built for it.  In the mean time we have this sweet little buggy pictured below to put flower bouquets on for sale by the road.  Hoping in another month the other wagon will be complete and we will have our flower wagon set up again for business.

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