Blue Dragonfly Cut Flower Farm LLC is a family owned business. We grow specialty cut flowers from April to October. We have a Flower Wagon by the driveway where bouquets are sold during the week. Bouquets are not available everyday so we stay in touch with our customers though our Facebook Business Page, where we post when bouquets are available. The Flower Wagon is operated on the Honor System. There is a cash box to drop payments in by the Flower Wagon. We also take Paypal payments. You can contact us and we will send you a QR code via email or text where you can prepay for flowers and pickup later. Orders can be called or text to 919-389-9057.


03.09.15 Spring Flowers

This week's weather report is calling for warmer weather.  All the plants which were planted last fall are ready for the warm weather.  Looking forward to all the Spring bloomers.

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  1. They added a few stems of green leaves for decoration – to the beautiful pre-made bouquets. My favorite Flower Delivery Near Me. Their $10 bouquet brighten up my living room.